Work in Progress

Horse Mad A MemoirThe term “horse mad” literally means mad for horses. “Girls and horses,” people say, shaking their heads ruefully over the unfathomable passion. There is something indescribable about the intense bond that can exist between people and horses, something magical and ancient, a psychic current connecting us to a wider universe. Some people say we are born with the magnetic pull to the equine family, like those born with an aptitude for math. Some are drawn to the mystical quality of horses, some to their perfect beauty, others to their athletic power, and many others still to the emotional healing that horses can provide. And some people, those like me, are drawn to all of these things.

This story is about my journey back into the horse world in search of my identity, lost years ago on the high seas of wifehood and motherhood. I was led back initially by my teenage daughter, through the stormy weather of her adolescence, whose soul was stamped with an equine blueprint during its forming as surely as mine had been. In recovering my passion for horses and the sport of showjumping, I found the strength to withstand the emotional crises surfacing during this time, of parenting, of a complicated marriage, and of reconciling my own painful coming of age in a male-dominated family. Horses formed a maternal bridge between my daughter and I, and taught me for the second time in my life, how powerful unconditional love can be when you allow it.