My daughter gave me a plate for Christmas that has a black lab painted on it. “Doesn’t it look just like Hank?” she asked when I opened it. It has the same big square head and melting brown eyes, and even has white hairs painted on the chin. I use the plate as a coaster […]

The Hurricane

My daughter and her giant beast of a dog blew back into my life like a hurricane, propelled by a hurricane, and swept out again like a hurricane. Having evacuated from the Florida Keys in front of Irma, it seemed like they brought her with them through my door, carrying winds strong enough to turn […]

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The Unexpected

“Want to golf around the house?” my friend asked. “What?” I asked, wondering if I had misheard him. We were standing in my kitchen. I had my back to the sink and he was facing me, looking over my shoulder out the window. We were about to start making dinner. “You said you weren’t hungry […]

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Nash and the Fish Hook

My phone rang in the car on my way to dinner on Saturday night. I recognized my daughter’s number and answered in happy surprise. “I think Nash swallowed a fish hook,” she said without preamble. Nash is her year and a half old, 100-pound German Shepherd. The little thrill I had been feeling deflated like […]

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Call of the Wild

Summer has finally arrived. The air is warm and soft and everywhere I look there is green. Foliage has exploded in such profusion that leafy boughs hang over the back roads as we drive along, forming a lush canopy above our heads. It’s like living on the edge of a jungle. Perfectly manicured gardens dotting […]

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Mother Goose

My mother has a goose nesting in a planter at the end of her dock. The goose sits on her eggs through rain and sleet and wind. But the other day my mother saw the planter unoccupied for the first time. The goose was swimming in the lake. “She was probably looking for food,” my […]

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Snow Melt

The snow has finally melted. The sun came out today and the heavy weight sitting on my chest suddenly lifted. “Spring has come!” the birds sang through my ribs. How dark it’s been, how cold and filled with worry. But today is bright and warm and lovely. You’re lovely, he said. The detritus of winter […]

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Here in the Middle is out!

I am honored to have my essay included in this a

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Fluctuating Temperatures

The raw weather has lulled me into hibernation, into self-reflection. It feels like the days are moving sluggishly, that cold has slowed time’s pulse. Sometimes it’s difficult to keep perspective, to remember that February will banish January. The temptation for pessimism can be great while waiting for that shorter month of longer days, until spring […]

Meditating with Hank

It was hard to meditate with Hank lying directly in front of me. I had already folded myself into a cross legged position and started the timer on my phone for 15 minutes when he ambled into my room, turned around a time or two, and then sank his 11 year old body to the […]

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